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14-07-2010 until 30-12-2099
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Shop e-mails and PM's

For ALL shop related matters, please use the below email:

contact at chilledpc.co.uk

PM’s have been disabled for WelshTom (Tom) due to sheer volume. Tom is busy with shop matters and only has time to post on the forums as an enthusiast, like the rest of us.

Emails provide a much better system and provide a much easier way to converse. All the information from the previous emails is contained nicely in there.

We apologise if this appears inconvenient – however we’re sure you wouldn’t expect a reply from the Manager Director of any of the large e-tailors.

Forum issues can be posted in the forum. Alternatively please contact Olly_K, Brad or Matt100 for any forum issues you may have.

Shop matters are just that, anything that relates to the shop. These include but are not limited to:

Stock ETA
Problems with creating an account
Checkout problems
Despatch times
“Where is my order ?” questions
"There is a problem with my order" questions
Custom work requests

Admins and Mods will remove any posts relating to shop matters, and inform the user. Repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

While the above may seem overly strict, please bear in mind that the rules are here to help you receive the best experience from Chilled-PC. Posting a request on the forums where Tom may not see it for a few days will only detract from this.
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