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Default Ram Disc

Does anyone run a ram disc?

Found this and is fun: 4Gb disc no licence required:

choose a benchmark and have a comp.

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wow, going back to the good old DOS days there !!!

We're experimenting at work with storing databases in RAM, but I don't use one at home. Is there much point if you have an SSD ? Guessing RAM would still be a bit faster though .....
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I had a bit of a play with RAM discs.

I wanted to put my page file and TEMP folders on it to stop this being written to my SSD.

I also thought you could make a another smaller disc and put your browser cache files on it and have it persistent (written to SSD at shut-down and copied back on at start up)

problem was I could not find one I could run multiple instances of without a licence so i gave up. it also seems FF is quite good at keeping as much of the cache files in RAM as it needs so no real problem there

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I used the same program for a while, its quite good actually, too bad you cannot select which dimm you are using, as I have dual channel memory, with 3 slots accoupied
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I use one for ie cache and paging file, for those programs that insist you need a paging file! got 800mb set as a ram drive, for some reason programs will complain about the lack of a paging file by saying not enough memory with 8gb of ram but accept 7gb of ram and a 400mb paging file???

Always had one for paging file since having 8gb of ram myself.
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